Modelling what might have been in southeast BC and northwest Wasington

Curlew track and switches

Once all of the cork roadbed was in place, the track was installed using the normal latex caulk as a glue. The mainlines are Peco code 83, and some of the sidings and spurs are Shinohara code 70 from way back when.

Weighting track while the latex caulk drys.
Working hard to keep the track centered on the cork.
Getting there…

The Saturday crew did a splendid job of installing the track switch machines under the layout, saving my back from not having to crawl around on the floor. Great thanks to Brian and Gordie who did most of that awkward underneath work. This is the type of task that really requires multiple people to make it go well, as it really is hard for one person to be in two places at once! Thanks also to Gordie for some of these photos.

Tight quarters for Gordie
Brian contemplating….
Colin and Tom checking the track work.

While this was going on, Colin and Ken were busy working on installing more fascia back at Carson.