Shipments Versus Car Roles

The original design of my CFS program used the notion of a Shipment, which implemented the basic idea of a shipper sending a load of something to a receiver, much as one would expect. The starting and ending tracks could be either in the modelled network (on the layout) or at virtual tracks in the unmodelled space. With this approach, only the loaded segment of a cars journey is defined, regardless of if it is heading in to or out of the modelled layout. As part of each car’s assignment, there is always at least one segment that is done empty, either to supply a car to a shipper, or to return a car back home. With the Shipment having only information for the loaded segment, the other segments must be generated in some way. This has led to some unfortunate side effects in terms of being able to shape car movements in desirable ways.

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Setting the Stage

There is a lot of prior history about the layout that should get posted here as I have the time, but for now we will go forward. So, this post marks the division between current and older items. I’ll change the posting date of older items so that they will be in a chronological order.