Modelling what might have been in southeast BC and northwest Wasington

Ordering car attributes

Given that we now have six attributes to describe a car, we need to decide on a typical order for them when they get displayed. Some are more often used, like the main Car Type, and some are less frequently used, such as Door style. I am thinking that we want them to be arranged from left to right in decreasing order of usage. So here is what I came up with:

Type : NomLength : SubType : Class : Door : Capacity

Those that are blank will simply not be included. Examples again from Colin’s railroad:

  • Boxcar:40:H:D8
  • Autorack:85:2 Deck
  • Tank:40:Vinegar
  • Tank:40:Oil:8000

And one with everything, just not sure what it all means together:

  • Boxcar:40:Insulated:H:D8:6000