Modelling what might have been in southeast BC and northwest Wasington

Darestof urban renewal

The original town of “Darestof” (Da Rest Of the world… thanks to Suzy) was built as a moveable end of the line turn around module to facilitate operating sessions as the layout construction advances around the room. It has a few industries, plus main and passing track loops that double as the south staging yard. Unfortunately its design and construction were somewhat lacking. The design placed the manual throw switches towards the back where they were hard to reach, and the construction used Atlas code 100 track and switches which proved to be troublesome.

The old track was removed, and the plywood flipped over to enable a new design. The new track would be Peco code 100 which has proven to be very successful in the main upper and lower staging yards.

So, with a blank piece of paper (or plywood) to work on, Gordie once again set to work playing with bits of track to see what would fit. We had discussed the idea that the ultimate end of the layout would be some rendition of Spokane’s north west industrial area, so he worked in some of those ideas, rather than just arrange the tracks randomly.

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